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This popular, easy to use, Windows software calculates the return on investment (ROI) for any scenario.  It is often called the internal rate of return (IRR). 

What you enter:  The user inputs cash flows (money in or money out) and the corresponding dates.  Periodic and/or individual transactions are accepted.

What the software does:  Sophisticated mathematics gives the ROI with a mouse click.  It is great for playing "what if"!  Compare ROI Solver with financial calculators.

Instructions:  The 4 page instructions assume the user has no experience and starts with the definition of ROI.  Step-by-step examples are included with the data already entered.

How much does it cost?  Return on Investment Solver expires in 10 days after installation, or after 10 user sessions, unless it is registered for $19 (US).  The demo is free and fully functional.   

Installation:  Download roi32c.exe and run it when prompted..  An "uninstall" is included in start, all programs, ROI Solver. details

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